The products in our portfolio are under monitoring and control with their serial numbers, and our products are guaranteed for 12 months when used according to the assembly rules.


It should be known that the biggest reasons for NOx Sensor errors are the lack of control/incompatibility of the "Add Blue System" and connection equipment, and this damages the life and operation of the NOx Sensor.


For all the products in our production portfolio,

Salt Spray test, Thermal Shock test, Vibration Test, Nitrogen and Oxygen test, smoke test are performed, Aging test, high temperature resistance test, low air temperature resistance test and most importantly, aging test are performed to protect and extend shelf/stock life. All of these tests are being done in our own production facilities. Complies with OEM specifications. The exhaust gas flow resulting from the running of the diesel engine enters the diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) and then the diesel particulate filter (DPF). Once the particulate filter load of the DPF reaches a certain value, cleaning has to be carried out.